Jason's Journey...

The story of a new beginning for a single father supporting his young son. 

Things are much different now at LLCC than when you attended. Students and professors are adjusting to different teaching methods. Whether it is on-line, in a virtual world or in the classroom - six feet apart. This is causing some angst for our students especially for a single parent like Jason struggling to support himself and his child while trying to improve his circumstances through education. 

Jason dropped out of school in the 10th grade and gained fame and fortune as a musician. But all that changed when at the height of his career he experienced a debilitating back injury. Six months before his injury, Jason had become a single parent. He was forced to come up with an alternate plan to support himself and his young son.

Enrolling in college in his mid-30s as a single father was not easy. Jason was a non-traditional student in every sense. Walking into class on the first day was harder than performing on stage in front of thousands. But after listening to Professor Chris McDonald over the course of an hour, Jason was hooked and knew that he wanted a career in political science.

Even now, two years into his college education and a grateful scholarship recipient, Jason still eats one or two cheese sandwiches a day and lives in a two-room basement apartment with his twelve-year-old son. His journey is far from over, but he is headed in a new direction and well on his way to achieving his dream of working in the political arena or perhaps even teaching one day.

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