LLCC Day of Giving to Benefit Students During Difficult Times

December 19, 2019

Sometimes help is needed when misfortune strikes. Join us as we work to make a difference in the lives of Lincoln Land Community College students who need help to stay in the classroom when life throws a wrench into plans.

Lincoln Land Community College’s (LLCC) first Day of Giving will be held on Tuesday, February 25, 2020. Alumni, retirees, faculty, staff, students and all who support students at LLCC are invited to participate in this 24-hour on-line campaign that will support our Pay It Forward Fund. The Pay it Forward Fund was created by a former LLCC Foundation Board member who saw a need to give to students with emergency needs to keep them in the classroom and on track for completing classes.

One such student - a father caring for seven children at home including two family members - lost his job of 10 years just before the holidays. LLCC staff learned of his plight and referred him for assistance...he didn’t want to ask for help, but after receiving an eviction notice, he didn’t know where to turn.

His tuition, fees and books are covered by financial aid and completing his degree will open the door to better paying job opportunities to support his family.

Fortunately, thanks to donations to the LLCC Foundation’s Pay It Forward Fund, the student received help with rent and utility bills while he continued to look for a new job. The Pay it Forward Fund is keeping him in the classroom and on-track to graduate in May.

This February 25, please take a moment to make a donation Donate Now, so that students can receive help when needed. The goal is to raise $5,000 to replenish the fund that was greatly diminished during the holiday season.
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