Lincoln Land Community College Foundation

2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients

The LLCC Foundation scholarship application for the 2019-2020 academic year has closed.

The application is available online annually between December 1st and March 1st for the following academic year.

We would love for you to apply for our upcoming awarding period for Fall 2020-Spring 2021 awards! Visit https://llcc.academicworks.com/opportunities for information about our opportunities that only requires 1 online application to apply for them all!

For information on external scholarship opportunities, please visit: https://llcc.academicworks.com/opportunities/external  

QUESTIONS? Please contact Michelle Burger at 217-786-4502 or at michelle.burger@llcc.edu.

Donor Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I pay for the scholarship? 

  • You make payment to the LLCC Foundation and the gift is kept in a separate account.
  • Endowed scholarship funds are invested and the net income of the fund will be used to pay the annual scholarship. 
  • Scholarship payments can be made with a check or major credit card.  A donation of stock to the LLCC Foundation is another way to pay for the scholarship.  Gift planning in your will is a way to give to future LLCC students.

How much will the scholarship be worth? 

  • Standard tuition and fees at LLCC are currently $132 per credit hour.  A full-time student takes a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester.  Some courses have a variable tuition rate in excess of the standard tuition rate.
  • Based on a student taking 12 credit hours each semester, the annual cost for standard tuition and fees is $3,168.  This is a portion of the cost of attendance at LLCC.  This cost does not include books. Students may also incur other related educational expenses (transportation, supplies and miscellaneous living expenses).

Is the scholarship a one-year or two-year scholarship? 

  • A one-year scholarship is awarded each academic year from the annual applicant pool.
  • A two-year scholarship allows the recipient to continue the scholarship for a second year as long as the student meets all of the eligibility requirements. 

What costs will the scholarship cover? 

  • The scholarship is first applied directly to the student’s tuition and fee expense and paid to LLCC. 
  • Should you designate other expenses eligible, the student may use the scholarship at the LLCC Bookstore to purchase books.  Any remaining money will be issued to the student after they are attending classes.

How will the scholarship be disbursed? 

  • The recipient will receive one half of the annual award each semester:  fall and spring.
  • The recipient must maintain the minimum grade point average and complete the enrolled hours required each semester as stated in the established criteria to maintain the scholarship.
  • Recipients who have a two-year scholarship may choose to use the scholarship for the summer and fall semester the second year.

Who will select the recipient? 

  • The LLCC Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee selects recipients. 

How will I be notified of the recipient? 

  • You will be sent a letter after your scholarship is awarded, which will include a thank you letter from the recipient. 
  • Each year, the LLCC Foundation hosts a Scholarship Reception to give you an opportunity to meet your recipient.  If your recipient cannot attend, you will still have a chance to meet other recipients and hear their appreciation for scholarship support.

What type of publicity will the scholarship receive?

  • With your permission, a press release to all area newspapers can be made announcing the establishment of the scholarship.  In addition, a news item can be published in the LLCC Foundation publication Circle of Friends.
  • Press releases are made each year announcing LLCC Foundation scholarship recipients.
  • The scholarship will be listed in the Scholarship Reception program and on the Foundation scholarship web page.

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